Beatrix Baker - Artist/Maker
Twist Mirror

Twist Mirror

65 GBP
A strip of steam-bent ash perfectly encircles a mirror. 

This mirror started its life as an ash tree, standing proud in the woodlands of Witherslack within a few hundred meters of the workshop. Each mirror is handmade from start to finish: Beatrix machines, bends, sands, paints and assembles each one herself.

If you would like a colour which is not available on the drop down menu, send Beatrix an email - she is happy to make you a special mirror in a colour of your choice!

'Stripe' design - painted on the inside and outside of the loop, a joyful flash of colour with the front face of the frame left plain, beautifully sanded wood.

'Block' design - the loop of wood is fully painted, front, back and sides.

'Plain' design - the frame left plain and oiled to enhance the beauty of the wood

Aproximate product size: 41cm x 21cm x 2cm
Hanging: There is a small hook on the back of the mirror. Tap a panel pin into the wall and hang your mirror!